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Garnet Amplifiers

Old Garnet logo on Rebel Head (underlined gold)

Garnet LE Logo on a Mohawk

Garnet Hohner Logo (BTO Amplifier)

This page is dedicated to Garnet Tube Amps.  If you have one of these Amps and love it, GREAT, send me pics of your Garnet  Amplifier and stories! If you have a Garnet and don't love it, GREAT, send me pics and how much you want for it! bronco_fury@yahoo.com
Garnet BTO L260D, Garnet Pro L190D, O190D, Garnet Session Man 69 , 73 , 75 ,Garnet Revolution I , II , III , Garnet Rebel , Garnet Mohawk LE , Garnet Ripper LE , Garnet Mini Bass , Garnet  Les Paul Garnet Guitar , Garnet Herzog , Garnet Guillotine , Garnet Lil Rock , Garnet Reverb , Garnet Deputy , Garnet Swinger Amplifier ,  The Deputy , Russel 5P , Pro Vocal , Tripper, Whirly-Gig etc....

Wall Mural dedicated to Gar in Winnipeg

Thomas "Gar" Gillies

Please click on a picture for further information on these great amps!

Garnet/Hohner BTO L 260 D Amp

 Garnet BTO  Amplifers.  The almighty BTO Amp.  She is rated at a VERY conservative 120 watts RMS with a peak of 260 watts.  Hooked up with a properly equiped 4x12 cabinet, this amp will flatten the little hairs on your eardrums with unmatched authority, delivering astounding tone.  Hooked up to an improperly equiped 4x12 cabinet, it will melt voice coils with authority, delivering a burning smell.  Marshall? never heard of them.

1968 Garnet Pro L 190 D Amplifier

Garnet Pro is the baby brother to the BTO . The Pro ,  An absolutely unbelievable amplifier.  At 60 wattts, she will deliver the nastiest, meatiest, crunchiest sound, to the most transparent shimmering distortion possible at a reasonable volume.  Marshall? Never heard of them.

Early 70's Garnet Pro L 190 D Tube Amp

Another Garnet Pro , Courtesey of "Stingray Green", Click this PRO to go to Official Stingray Green Site.

Stingray Green has just released their long awaited debut album "Hard Numbers" April 2006. Check it out by clicking on the album cover or give it a listen by going to our links page.

Listen to some Garnet Amps in action

Garnet Guillotine, point to point hand wired.
by "Gar Gillies", 2003 production

The Garnet Guillotine by "Gar Gillies". This is probably the most flexible and quiet distortion unit you have ever seen. This is a classic Garnet piece , built for serious users by the originator of Garnet Amplifiers himself.

"Verlage"...hmmmmmm (1x18 Cab Logo)


4x12 BTO HD Cab / 1x18 Verlage / BTO Head.
230 pounds of sheer delight.
Marshall??? Never heard of them.

Garnet Rebel Bass head and 2x12 cab. ,late 60's (B90)

1960's Garnet Rebel Bass  Amp with matching 2x12 cabinet.  This is a great sounding amplifier ! Awesome breakup without ear crushing volume.  A little smallish for Bass but perfect for guitar.  One of my favourite Garnet amplifiers.

Lawsuit LP Garnet guitar. MIJ

Garnet Les Paul Lawsuit Guitar MIJ in the good old days. Likley an early 70's edition. This LP has gold hardware and plays like a dream. Equal to any Gibson for feel , sound and playability. 

Garnet Revolution I Guitar Amp. 1x12

Garnet Revolution III 4x10 Amp 1975 One of 50 built.

Garnet Mohawk Amplifier , one of 5 built

Garnet Mohawk. This is one of 5 Mohawk Amps built by Gar. It , as the Ripper LE were limited edition products. It features a 1950's Celestion 12" Alnico Speaker.
Need I say anymore? O yes, as all these Garnets, it is tube powered.  

70's Pan Duo Matic Amp , with Fuzz T100F

Early 1970's Pan Duo Matic tube Guitar amplifier. This rare item made by Garnet.
Small but amazingly powerful and versatile. True Garnet tradition under a little known label.

Garnet Jammer 1x12 Guitar Amplifier

Garnet Jammer, this is a great all around amp. Plenty of grind to keep up in all but the most demanding situations. Packs more punch for its size than almost any competitor. 50W Combo.

A young Burton Cummings on Harpsichord with what looks like a BTO or O190 Head. Thanks Tim !

The Guess Who, in the early days!

The Guess Who. Band from Winnipeg Manitoba, serious rash of good hits still enjoyed generations later. Note the "Garnet" Logo shirt.

Garnet Sessionman Head and 4x12 Cab.

Beauty eh? Get thet scurvy Fender outa here. Just kidding, good picture!

Below... Garnet reverb Unit. Model 15R. Tube powered as usual.

Garnet Reverb Model 15R

Garnet O190D, Pre CSA mid 60's Organ/Guitar "Pro" with Rotating Horn + 1x12 + 1x15 Thanks Mike

BTO Head & BTO 4x12 Bass Cab recenty seen setting up at a wedding.

Garnet Dual Foot Switch

1969 Russel 5P Amp by Garnet. 1x8 spk , 12AU7 , 50C5 , 35W4 Tubes.

Gradey formerly of Big Sugar
Gordie Johnson, Garnet Herzog, Lil Rock and 2x12 lead Cab. Does it get any better than that ?

Piper 4x10 , sweet amp!

Garnet Cats Ass, Battery powered SS Amp.
This Little Garnet Amp caused quite a stir

A Bargain Price !

BTO B & 2x12-2H Cab Thanks Deryl

Garnet Tele Deluxe (circa 72)

Garnet Deputy 1x15 pre master vol.

Russell Emerson's Wall of Garnets
Check this class reunion out , 2 pupils missing though. Some of the Best of Garnet here.

Garnet Revolution II Amp in "Showbiz" (white) 1x12

70's Garnet Revolution II Amp in rare Showbiz White Tolex.  She has about 30 watts of power through one twelve inch speaker.  This is one of my personal favorite Garnet amplifiers.  Great clean tones and gets a bit dirty with the channels jumpered.  I have a 66' Super Reverb and I feel that this amplifier could fit easily into the Blackface Fender family. 

2003 Garnet Randy Bachman Herzog Re Issue (NOS Parts)

Vintage Garnet Herzogs are tough to find and often need some work.  This is one of the NOS Reissue Herzogs hand built by Gar Gillies himself.  I love the tones it creates, rich sustain, creamy distortion to insane galactic overdrive.  This unit is like nothing I have ever played.  Last time we were jamming, I took a peek behind and the poor 6V6 was glowing like Darth Vaders Lightsaber! If you have a chance to obtain one, do so! The re issues are copies of the original first Herzogs ever built.

Mid 70's Garnet Herzog, thanks Bob ! Note the tone control on this later issue.

1960's Verlage 1x18 Bass Cab

This is a 66/67 Verlage 1x18 inch Bass Cabinet.  This was made by Ken Verlage in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  It has a Goodmans Audiom 91 18 inch thumper that looks brand new.  During his decade or so of manufacturing quality gear, he made approximately 200 or so amplifiers (as currently known) and an unknown number of cabinets.  I cannot imagine that there are many 1x18 inch cabs from the 60's available anywhere. (Please see the Canadian Amps Page for more)

1973 Verlage VTR-100 Tube Amp. (very powerful)

1973 Verlage VTR 100. Originaly built in Humboldt Sask.. Ken Verlage moved his operation to Regina Sask. and produced these amps for a few years and in the mid 70's ceased operation. As was the case with many Guitar amps in those days they were based on PA Amp platforms. The VTR was a Fannon PA modded heavily and repackaged. Dont scoff !! These amps had plenty of raw power and the VTR 100  has a cool "Mello" circuit that is totaly unique. This brand is a trubute to the inginuity of early amp designs. Ken is now in the Edmonton Alberta area I have been told. Plenty of old rockers are familiar with the Verlage badge and some are still being used. (Please see the Canadian Amps page at top for more Verlage items.)
Also click the Verlage picture for info link.

Garnet Lil Rock Amp Early 3 digit serial number.

This is a Garnet Little Rock 30 Watt Monster.  This little terror (Amp) sounds amazing! Not quite enough punch for Bass, but plenty of rip snortin' tone for guitar at a nice volume.  Sounds great through a 2x12 or 4x12 cabinet. The little amp with an attitude! Garnet Amplifiers rule.

73 Garnet Session Man Guitar Amplifier

 My #1 Garnet amplifier. An early 2x12 Session Man Combo Amp.  I play this unit everywhere and play everything through it.  It will Rock out (no pedals needed here), do Country or Jazz.  Whatever I need, this amp will deliver.  Plenty of power to cut through the mix.  Would not trade this amplifier for ANYTHING, not even a Marshall. 

69-70 Garnet Session Man 2x12 Amp with FUZZ

This is an early Session Man. One of the first 50 made, likely in '69 and a Garnet Guitar with the lawsuit headstock from about '71.  This amp features Fuzz and does not have a Master Volume.  Tone to die for! The Sessionman is Gar's answer to everything, it does it all.  The guitar is awesome as well, sounds just like a vintage Gibson and plays as well too.

Garnet Lawsuit LP headstock

Garnet Gnome Guitar Amplifier

Garnet Gnome, in rare Showbiz color. This amp. is in perfect condition and is a Champ Killer ! Many ran 6v6's , this one is a 6l6.

Garnet Ripper LE Amplifier . One of 6 built. 1x10

This is a Garnet Ripper LE, all out radical amp. All tube power 20-25W . It is sweet and easily driven to distortion or playable clean all the way up. As all Garnets, sweet! 

Garnet Mini Bass guitar amp., Mid 70's ,1x12

Garnet Mini Bass Amp . Dont let the name fool you. This is a potent amplifier and can hold it's own. These Amps ran a special design 12" speaker that was made especially for this unit.

Garnet Session Man 77' Amp

77 Garnet "Session Man" 2x12. All the usual featrures and Solo Preset too.

Garnet Deputy I Amplifier

Garnet Deputy I guitar amp. Built in the mid 70's. 2-EL34's for power and as usual, all hand built. 50W pure tube dilight. Move over British Amps...

Garnet Rebel, 1x12/Horn Cab

Above.. Garnet Rebel Head and 1x12 with horn guitar cab. This is a classic hard to find Garnet combination today. Check out the Gold logo's etc. 1960's vintage.

Garnet Rebel head and 1x12 with Horn Cab ,and garnet LP Guitar

Below...Rev. III Head and Cab. Circa 74-79.
Pic compliments B. Councill

Garnet Rev III Amp and Cab

Garnet O190D Head, circa 66 (Thanks Mike K) Made for Organ with a Leslie

Early Garnet Swinger , Thanks Tim

As you see there are a few Garnet pictures here. If you have a good shot of your Garnet and it is not represented here please send it in and I can post it.
Strictly the Garnet labeled items  though. Please click on a picture for more info.
Click on a picture, most will take you the home site of Garnet Amps or at least to someone in the know about each item.  This is an Archive only.  For specific information please do see the Garnet Amps people.
Thanks , and have fun!