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Jason's Mustang and Bronco Page

Lesser Known Canadian Amps

Other Hero's in the Amp world.....Lesser known Canadian Rarities.  Grant ,  Thorcraft , Symphonic ,  Verlage Systems , United by Garnet  , Wort SL-80 , Dynamo , Sears , Arc , Pepco , Pine Electronics, Johnson Monarch , Johnson Sioux , EEL , Tagus RB 8000 , Baffin1 by Northland Musical , Garnet Imperia , Ahed , Regal , Lifco , Daruis , Aztech Engineering / Aerco , Keil , Marlin , Imperial .

Marlin tube Amp.
Great find ! Thanks to Dave Misener.

Regal Tube Amp.

Pine Electronics
Imperial amp and Cabinet. Thanks John !

Johnson Sioux Amp. Thanks to Jo Johnson, daughter of Albert Johnson

The original "Johnson Amp" builder! In the 1950's Albert Johnson ran the Palladium Dance Hall in Brandon Manitoba. He also manufactured his own Tube Amp line (Johnson) on Hammond Chassis'. They were fairly light duty pieces in those years. Later he added to his line of goods with the "Wizzer", his rendition of a distortion effect unit. The Wizzer is capable of some creative sounds. Johnson  Amps figure into the creative genius that was available in the post war years here in Canada. Albert used some 50's Celestion Alnicos that were specially designed for his purposes.

Johnson Sound Systems, Brandon Manitoba

Johnson Monarch 2x12, 4-12ax7, 2-6l6, 2-5y3.

Grant "Avanti" G30T Amp . Made in Vancouver

Grant Avanti amp , made by Thorcraft Ind. of Vancouver BC Canada. This puppy has a 6x9 HD Guitar/Harp speaker and tube power. Tubes silkscreened "Thorcraft".
Mid 1960's Amplifier I would guess.

Grant Avanti Ser plate

WORT GS12 Bass Amp.

 Above,1970's WORT GS12 Bass Combo. This Amp was made in Winnipeg Manitoba.
WORT Amps for the most part are all Solid State design. Not a bad thing when it lightens the load to carry. This amp is quite versatile and was a prototype that escaped somehow. Walter Romanyshyn was the man behind the WORT line. There are a few out there yet and I know of a couple of bigger ones still in use regularily 30 years later! 

Wort Amplifier (Click picture for more Info.)

Above, WORT LT100 Amp.

Stuart and his band in 1966. Check out the Vintage Verlage head , VTR100 and 2x12 Cab.

Canadian Made Amps !!!

73 Verlage VTR 100 Guitar Amp..Hmmm, Nice

Above, 73 Verlage Systems VTR-100 Guitar Amplifier. Made in Regina Saskatchewan Canada. Ken Verlage was the man behind these Amps. All tube power, this example runs 4, 6L6's and can rock with the best of them.

Vintage Verlage Tube Amp, made in Saskatchewan
Verlage Club 50. 1x15 Tube combo. Sweet !!

Below is my 72 VTR-100, it should have a health warning on it as when opened up it may cause serious damage to man or beast. (or the structural integrity of you house). Thes rare Amps can really put out. They are a credit to the Amp designers and players of days gone by. Made in Regina Saskatchewan in the late 60's and early 70's. Ken Verlage is the man to thank for this creation.

72 Verlage VTR-100 Guitar Amplifier

This amp came to me from North Eastern Alabama and supposedly has its early roots with The Lynyrd Skynyrd Band.

72 Verlage VTR-100 Preamp Close up

Arc 801 Amplifier made by Pine (PEPCO)

 ^ Arc Guitar Amp. Model 801. Made in Canada in the 70's. This has an 8 inch spk. and was made by Pine  Electronics. CSA # LR19952.

United D100BT Amp , by Garnet

 United D100BT Guitar/Bass Amp.by Garnet Amplifiers of Winnipeg Manitoba. The United name came from the fact that Gar made this line for the United Shcool district in Winnipeg. These are the best sleeper amps out there , afterall who ever heard of a United Amp? If you see one, try it out. You will be pleasantly surprised!
It is a Garnet through and through, all tube powered!

Marlin Tube Amp. by Pine Electronics

Above....Marlin Tube Amp 1x8 Canadian made by PEPCO (Pine Elecrtronics).
Tube compliment 12AX7A, 50C5, 35WA . Again the CSA LR 19952 ID's Pine and it is an 801 Chassis. Not a bad home practice Amp or Harp Amp at all.
Pic. Rick Barnes.

Paul Amp by PEPCO (Pine Montreal Canada) 801 Chassis

Regal Tube Amp. Made in Canada! #500 Chassis

Regal #300 Amp CSA # LR11639 (thanks Dan!)

Regal by Lifco & Gemtone Jazz Master (thanks Colin!)

Tagus RB8000, Made in Toronto. Thanks Sherwin

Tagus B8000 (Thanks, T&M Wilson)

Imperia Tube Amp. , was made by Garnet LR24510 Thanks Dan!

Aztech Engineering , "Aerco 350" CDN Tube Amp.

2-6V6 all tube, great sound!
Aerco 350. Thanks to Tim Smith for this rare picture.

Lifco, CSA 11639. Thanks Jeff !
CDN Lifco 1000 Tube Head, 2-7027's & 3 12AX7's

Another 73 Verlage VTR 100, Made in Regina Saskatchewan Canada

Wally Romanyshyn's contribution to SS Cdn. Amps.
Wort SL-80 2x10 Combo. Made in Winnipeg Manitoba. 90w into 8 ohms. 260+ into 2 ohms!

Grant "Mustang" G40T Amplifier

Grant "Mustang" Amp . This is a sweet little amplifier . It features all tube power and a 1x12 Alnico speaker. Made by Thorcraft Ind. of Vancouver. Hank Thorkelsson is the man behind these great little amps. Hank had a good share in early Canadian Radio manufacturing. He knew his stuff and is a true giant in the growth of early Radio with his contributions. 

All Tube Grant Thorcraft "Cobra" , 1966 Vintage. All you really need. Pic. Compliments Rick Anderson

Grant (Thorcraft ) DJ !! (Thanks Colin)

Baffin 1, AF-18 Tube Amp. By Northland Musical Inst. Amps, CSA #20269

Thanks for the picture Ruth! This is a rare little tube amp. 2, 8 inch Alnico Speakers. Sweet indeed.

Sears D45R Amplifier, Garnet made

Sears Electronics, D45R.  This is a Garnet ! These Amps are often overlooked and passed by. It's a 2x12 powerhouse with the sweetest tone. If you see one , buy it! Keep it or sell it to me.

Wort Production Sticker

73 Verlage VTR 100 Head and 2x12 Hmm Awesome!

Verlage VTR-100 and Verlage 2 x 12  Cabinet. If you plan on playing this puppy at home foget it! You will have the riot squad at your door. It needs lots of room so that you can open it up and let it breathe.

Verlage VTR-100 Tube Amp Layout

Tagus by PAS Electronics (below)
Tagus Formula II Guitar Head with Master Vol. , Made in Pickering Ontario.Thanks Doug !

Tagus was franchised by Buegeleisen & Jacobson
Tagus 1x15 Bass Combo. Another rare Amp. Made in Toronto, Thanks again Doug

Symphonic Electronics , Montreal Canada

Symphonic Guitar Amplifier, made in Montreal Quebec Canada. All tube power and tube rectified. Jensen Alnico Speaker. Baby tone monster. 
Made by Symphonic Electronic Corporation

Symphonic scematic . Feb 1961

Below..Pine Riviera 725 Guitar Amp. Made in Canada in the 70's. Pine seemed to make amps for anyone. This one has 2-6v6's and 2-12ax7's. + GZ34 Mullard tube rectified! This is a nice playing piece. Good warm tone and not bad overall power.
CSA # LR19952 identifys Pine made equipment.

Riviera 725 Amp , by PEPCO (Pine)

Rogue 725 Amp (Pine Electronics)

Above..Pine Electronics, Rogue Guitar Amplifier. Chassis model 725. Same as the one above with a different logo. CSA 19952. Nice amp with warn sweet tone to melt the blues away. Hand built and point to point hand wired.

Ram RB45S Bass 1x10 Bass Amp.

Ram Bass/Guitar Amp , by Garnet of Winnipeg. This is a 1x10 entry level Amp.

Vagabond 1x12 by Garnet

Vagabond Amp by Garnet. Made for sale by Eatons stores this was a pretty good piece in its day. 2-12ax7's and one 6v6.

Darius CSA ,LR29603
Sears "Ahed" Amp. Made in Canada. Compliments , Don Hoffman

Early Sears S/S Head and 2x12. Made by Ahed Canada of Toronto ,CSA LR29603

Taurus Bass Amp. , by Ahed , Made in Toronto Canada, SS Head assy.

Darius 1001 Ahed Amp. (Thanks Greg)

Ahed Aquarius 1002 SS Combo. Thanks Bern !

Electronic Enterprise Ltd. The tube line up is two 7025, one 6AV6, two 6V6GT, one 5

Symphonic Amp. with EEL Chassis made in Montreal Canada.

Ancient Amp. Likley a Paul made by PEPCO, Thanks Dave

Keil 22 Amplifier, Made in Canada
Thanks Devin Fox !

Verlage Model 65 , Made in Humboldt Sask.
This is a very early model. It has Buzz (Fuzz). Early eg. of an overdrive.

Please click on a picture for more info. If available it will open a new window to a link for your convenience.
Got a picture of a Canadian made amp? Please send it in and lets represent it.