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Jason's Mustang and Bronco Page

Garnet Sound Clips

On this page are a few test sound clips.  Please excuse the out of tune Mustang.  This page will have clips of most Garnet products in short time.
Also some B&W shots of my Garnets

68 Garnet Pro Chassis, model B190D

Garnet Revolution II 1x12

Garnet Revolution II 1x12

Garnet Revolution II 1x12 Combo. First clip is with a 65 Mustang, the second is with a 71 Garnet Les Paul. It was recorded through a crappy mike and mixer, so the tone is much better live. A quick idea of what this amp does. Great blues tone.

Garnet Les Paul

BTO Sound Fountain

Signed Herzog 2002 reissue

The business end of a BTO

More to come here

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