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Jason's Mustang and Bronco Page

Vintage Transmitter & Audio Tubes

2- 810 Power Triode Tubes

Many odd Vintage Tubes available.

Please email with inquiries.

I have a few NOS tubes that would be suitable in a Garnet Stinger , Tremelo and Phase Inverter, they are not mine but an acquaintence has them for sale.
6AN8 , 6AU6 and 6SN7 numbers.
All are Sylvania , Rayerthon or Military grade RCA.
So if your "Stinger" is sick, try a new tube.
Also there is a large quantity of NOS tubes suitable for those who dabble in building custom Amps.
05-12AZ7A tubes, NOS, various makers. NOS !
02- 12AT7, one a Corvette the other is GE. NOS !
06- 12AV7, one is a gold pin RCA (Qa) made in England.
02- 12AU7, Westinghouse made in Canada. Black Plate NOS. (not original box).
24- 6AN8A, Various makers NOS !
17- 12BY7A Tubes, Used. (Harmon Kardon Citation II Amps)
03- 12BY7A Tube , New.
05- 12AZ7A Tube , New.
02- 12BH7A Tube , Not original boxes.
01- 12DB5 Tube used.
01- 12DB5 New Admiral, made in USA QH code black plate.
01- 12HL7 NOS Sylvania
20- 6AX4GT and GB Rectifier tubes, mostly new in orig. boxes.
03- 6ARII Tube , New old stock, 2 GE, 1 RCA.
08- 6JW8 new old stock Sylvania.
01- 6JW8 Used.
01- 6L6G Coke Bottle, black glass tube. Used Sylvania code 35/51/13
02- 22JRG G/B Sylvania , NOS
02- 38HE7 ,  Sylvania NOS
02- 30KD6 , 1 Sylvania, One GE, NOS
04- 42EC4A , PY500A, 2 Philips Holland, One GB, One ProCom.
04- 38KH7, Sylvania.
Thousands more tubes of all sorts, drop me a line....I will pass your request along.
Building a tube amp.? Experimenting? Whatever, there is a ton of odd and some mainstream tubes that may suit your needs.
Let me know what it is you require.

Amperex VC 50 , 32 KPV Vacuum Capacitor

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