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Johnson Sound Systems

Johnson Amps : Monarch , Maestro , Celestion , Mohawk , Sioux. 

Albert Johnson seems to have been a man of vision for the future.  As we all do, he needed to make a living and likley did not forsee the day when his musical amplifiers would be sought out and collected by a few who appreciate good things from the past.
The original "Johnson Amp" builder! In the 1950's Albert Johnson ran the Palladium Dance Hall in Brandon Manitoba. He also manufactured his own Tube Amp line (Johnson) on Hammond Chassis'. They were fairly light duty pieces in those years. Later he added to his line of goods with the "Wizzer"or Zizzer?, his rendition of a distortion effect unit. The Wizzer is capable of some creative sounds. Johnson Amps figure into the creative genius that was available in the post war years here in Canada. Albert used some 50's Celestion Alnicos that were specially designed for his purposes.

 Here are a few pictures of some Johnson Amps.  
Albert started in 1949 at Brandon Manitoba.  He was a bit of an entrepeneur I am told and was quite charismatic (people liked him).  Not a bad thing when one is trying to make a living.

Johnson Sioux Amp. Thanks to Jo Johnson, Alberts Daughter.

Johnson Monarch 2x12, thanks Wade. This Amp is reported to be really loud and clean.

Johnson Celestion model

Johnson Celestion Combo 1x12, 59' Celestion alnico !

Johnson Monarch 2x12

Johnson Catalogue

Monarch Amp by Johnson , 2 6L6, 2 5Y3, 4 12AX7's. Thanks Geoff !

64 Johnson Mohawk. Brandon Manitoba, I got this out of Nashville of all places.

Mohawk 1x8 12AX7A , 5Y3GT , 6V6GT