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Jason's Mustang and Bronco Page

Pictures of Broncos

Enjoy these pics of my favourite Fender Product.

Heres a real beat Bronco Amp, pretty nice eh?

Heres a 68 Bronco Amp. My buddy has one of these and it sounds sweet like candy! Great little practice amp. Its even done the job playing dances, with a little microphone help of course.


This is my '67 Bronco.  I had it signed by BB King a few years ago.  I have been fortunate enough to meet the man on a few occasions.  This guitar is my baby.


Sweet outside shot of a Bronco.


A 71 Bronco.


It's dated on the back of the neck join as 16 JAN 73 serial number 407629 and there are very faint names : L HUGHES and FRANK Y. Possibly
At some point a humbucker at the neck, a three way pickup selector and a strat style input have been added.  There is a volume control for the neck, one for the nick and an overall tone control where the jack input was originally.  As far as I know, it is still the original Fender single coil in the bridge position.
Guitar has a very jangly sound with the single coil, VERY full sound with the Humbucker and a pretty decent, clear sound when mixed. Not quite as bright or barky as a Tele though. I tend to take offbottom E, Tune it to open G and use it (Tele like) to play Stones tunes.