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Garnet Amplifier & Fender Bronco/Mustang Site 

This is a fan site about Garnet Tube Amplifiers.  There are pics & video links of amps being played.

This is also a site for fans of less popular Fender Guitars, namely the Mustang and Bronco. 

If you have any pictures you would like us to feature, please feel free to send them to us at  jayemac@fenderbronco.com

Meet Gar Gillies

Gar Gillies is the genius behind every Garnet amp found.

Gar Gillies Mural in Winnipeg

Gars Early Haunt

Burton Cummings

The Guess Who

Early days, nice green shirt!

Check this class reunion out! 2 pupils missing though. Some of the best of Garnets here.

Stack of Garnets - Dom Polito

Another Stack by Dom

The Guess Who?

Dallas Good with Garnet Revolution III's

Looks like Gord Downie is up there too!


Rare Quadraphonic 8-track