The Revolution

My personal 70's Garnet Revolution II in Showbiz White

Control Panel

 She has about 30 watts of power through one twelve inch speaker.  This is one of my personal favorite Garnet amplifiers.  Great clean tones and gets a bit dirty with the channels jumpered.  I have a 66' Super Reverb and I feel that this amplifier could fit easily into the Fender family.

This is a very sweet sounding 4x10 Revolution.

Garnet Revolution I - 1x12

Garnet Revolution  III

 Head and Cab

Thanks B. Councill

Garnet Revolution I - Thanks Jared


These Garnet poics made there way to us from Jack Larmet

Garnet Revolution III 4x10 and a Revolution II 1x12

The left hand amp is a Garnet Revolution III 4x10

Beautiful shot of a Revolution II - Thx Dom

Garnet Revolution III  Head - Modded - Pierre

Granada Revolution III 2x12- Pierre