The Session Man

Garnet Sessionman Amplifier

1973 Garnet Session Man

My #1 Garnet amplifier. An early 2x12 Session Man Combo Amp.  I play this unit everywhere and play everything through it.  It will Rock out (no pedals needed here), do Country or Jazz.  Whatever I need, this amp will deliver.  Plenty of power to cut through the mix.  Would not trade this amplifier for ANYTHING, not even a Marshall. 

Garnet Sessionman Amplifier

Seeing action.

Garnet Sessionman Amp on Stage
Garnet Sessionman and Garnet Les Paul Guitar

This is an early Session Man. One of the first 50 made, likely in '69 and a Garnet Guitar with the lawsuit headstock from about '71.  This amp features Fuzz and does not have a Master Volume.  Tone to die for! The Sessionman is Gar's answer to everything, it does it all.  The guitar is awesome as well.  It sounds and plays great..

Garnet Sessionman Combo

77 Garnet "Session Man" 2x12. 

The usual features + solo preset

Garnet Sessionman Head

72-79 Session Man Head

Garnet Sessionman Head and Cab

Garnet Session Man head and 4x12 cab

Session Man Head with Reverb - Thx Dom

Garnet Sessionman Showbiz White Combo
Garnet Sessionman Combo with Garnet Tele
Garnet Sessionman Amp

Garnet Session Man in Showbiz White - another amp I wish I never parted ways with...

Garnet Amplifier Combo
Garnet Sessionman Combo Amp

Nice what looks to be later model Garnet Session Man in Showbiz White - Thanks Acawin for sending this in!

These Garnet amps come out of Jack Larmets collection

Session Man 2x12 Combo - A Herzog and a Pro there too

4x12 Session Man Combo in action

Some nice 4x12 Garnet Session Man Combos

2x12 Garnet Session Man Combo

This rare Garnet Session Master comes courtesy of Terry

Terry had Gar himself service it, and  a little later on Mark Stephenson as well.  This amp runs two 6L6's or two EL34's if desired, bias control has been added.  Speakers are a pair of Celestion V30's.  How does it sound?

"Best reverb ever. Best cleans ever. Thicken the sound, and add a bit of hair with a touch of the Overdrive circuit. Otherwise the Overdrive is ridiculously loud. But the OverDrive runs in parallel to the Master channel, leaving the reverb 100% clean. "I thought I was a genius when I came up wth that," Gar told me."  After all the work on the amp was done? ... "A labour of love.  It will NEVER be for sale"

I believe other Session Masters run four 6CA7/EL34 power tubes, very loud! Prob around 1-2 dozen of these ever made.  I played one at Harmony Lane in Calgary, gorgeous clean tone, cut through any mix.  Cranked it up to noodle a bit, when I stopped every acoustic in the store was resonating in unison.

2 nice Garnet Session Man Combos - Thx Pierre

Session Man with Fuzz  - I had one of these in the day, great amp!

Session Man with master volume - Got one of these as well, my #1.