Garnet BTO Amplifers. The almighty BTO Amp. She is rated at a VERY conservative 120 watts RMS with a peak of 260 watts. This one sounds killer. Hooked up with a properly equiped 4x12 cabinet, this amp will flatten the little hairs on your eardrums with unmatched authority, delivering astounding tone. Hooked up to an improperly equiped 4x12 cabinet, it will melt voice coils with authority, delivering a burning smell. Marshall? never heard of them.


4x12 BTO HD Cab / 1x18 Verlage / BTO Head.

230 pounds of sheer delight.

Business end of a Garnet BTO

Garnet BTO ready for gig action

Garnet BTO Quartet

Garnat BTO B & 2x12-2H Cab Thanks Deryl

Garnet BTO 400

Garnet BTO 400

Garnet BTO 400 and 4x12 w/horn - Thanks Pierre F