Homebrew Pedals

One thing I always wanted to do is buld some of my own gear.  Life was busy... until COVID...  

Finally time to read, think, read more, breadboard, test, read, fix, scream, read, test... and then a pedal was born!

The Dallas Rangemaster - This is the pedal that started it all.  My wife did a great job decorating it up!

Rangemaster circuit with a Mullard OC-44 transistor - 3 voicing input - Sounds just like Brian May!

Another Rangemaster

Mullard OC-44 Transistor

2 voicing input

Dallas Arbiter Germanium Fuzz Face - Pedal #2

Fuzz Face - OC-45 and CV7003 transistors.  Switch changes input voicing.  Cleans up incredibly well and does fuzz.

Below is another Fuzz Face - OC-45 transitor and an ancient Workman transistor.

Below is an Eric Johnson Fuzz - Ancient SMS Silicon Transistors, high gain... Sounds great! Just need Eric's fingers...

Lovepedal Eternity Clone - sounds great! Have built 3 of them so far.

Way Huge Red Llama - sounds super