Fender Bronco

71 Fender Bronco

About the Bronco

In mid 1967 the Fender Bronco was introduced to the market as a student guitar. It had been worked on since 1964 and then produced in mid 1967. It was originally supposed to replace the Musicmaster, but as we know the Musicmaster continued to be in the line of Fender guitars. The difference between the two was that the pickup was placed in the bridge position of the Bronco, unlike its relative. A similar colour to the popular Fiesta Red was given to the guitar, likely attractive to many aspiring musicians. Unfortunately 1981 was the last year of the Bronco.  These guitars can be picked up at affordable prices.  One thing about them is that people liked them as guitars, but were limited by the single pickup design.  Thus many Bronco's were modified with additonal pickups, new tuning pegs, etc. 

Body: Solid, alder  

Finish: Fiesta Red, polyester lacquer  

Neck: 1-piece maple, bolt-on  

Fingerboard: Indian rosewood; pearloid dot markers  

Number of Frets: 22  

Pickguard: White pearloid/black/white plastic laminate  

Bridge: Fender steel vibrato tailpiece, chrome  

Nut: Plastic  

Tuners: Fender, enclosed, chrome  

Pickups: One, Fender single coil  

Controls: Master tone, master volume  

Scale Length: 24 inches  

Neck Width at Nut: 1 5/8 inche

Body Width at Lower Bout: 12 inches  

Body Depth: 1 1/2 inches 

This is my personal 1967 Bronco w/DiMarzios.  I had it signed by BB King a few years ago.  I have been fortunate enough to meet the man on a few occasions. 

Bronco Pic by Mike

1977 Bronco by Guido in Argentina

1973 Fender Bronco

It's dated on the back of the neck join as 16 JAN 73 serial number 407629 and there are very faint names: L HUGHES and FRANK Y, possibly builders?


At some point a humbucker at the neck, a three way pickup selector and a strat style input have been added.  There is a volume control for the neck, one for the nick and an overall tone control where the jack input was originally.  As far as I know, it is still the original Fender single coil in the bridge position.


Guitar has a very jangly sound with the single coil, VERY full sound with the Humbucker and a pretty decent, clear sound when mixed. Not quite as bright or barky as a Tele though. I tend to take off bottom E, Tune it to open G and use it (Tele like) to play Stones tunes.



1972 Bronco by Bill

A Bronco by Mike

1965 Bronco

1973 Bronco by Lawrence 

1971 Bronco by Luis Zapata

1978 Bronco by Max Chavez

Beat up Bronco

1968 Fender Bronco Amp