The Rebel

Early Garnet Tremelo - Aluminum Chassis

Garnat Rebel Stinger

1960's (late) Garnet B90 Rebel Bass Amp with matching 2x12 cabinet. This is a great sounding amplifier! Awesome breakup without ear crushing volume.  A little smallish for Bass but perfect for guitar.  One of my favourite Garnet amplifiers.

Randy playing a Rebel

Early Garnet Rebel Vocal Reverb

68 Rebel 2x12 - Thanks Ross

Above : Rebel II  Below: Rebel PA Reverb - Thx Dom

68 Garnet Rebel Head and Cab - Thx Pierre

Amp on right - Garent Rebel with the Stinger circuit built in.  Early script logo too!

Garnet Rebel PA with Reverb

Horn from the Cab to the left

Garnet Rebel II and Cab - Pierre

Garnet Rebel PA - Pierre