The Pro

1968 Garnet Pro  L190D with Stinger

Garnet Pro is the baby brother to the BTO.  An absolutely unbelievable amplifier.  At 60 wattts, she will deliver the nastiest, meatiest, crunchiest sound, to the most transparent shimmering distortion possible at a reasonable volume.  Marshall? Never heard of them.

Chassis of the 68 Pro

1966 Garnet Pro O190D by Mike K

1968 Garnet Pro B190AP

Garnet Pro Vocal with Reverb

Business end of the middle Pro on the right

Top Pro on the right

Garnet Pro 200 S

Just love this amp, very versatile

Early 70's Garnet Pro L190D (Above)

Courtesy of "Stingray Green"

Pro L90D (Below)

Pre CSA mid 60's Pro O190D

With rotating horn, a 12 and a 15

Thanks Mike for the pic

Garnet O190D Head, circa 66 

Made for Organ with a Leslie

(Thanks Mike K) 

1968 Garnet Pro B190D Chassis

68 L190D Head and Cab - Thx Phil

What a piece, probabaly one of the most sought after Garnet rigs around.  WARNING: Please do not drool on your computer screen! Way to go Phil!

Garnet Pro 190B - Thanks Steve Neufeld

Garnet Pro Amplifier

Nice Garnet Pro & Cab & a gorgeous Rebel Stinger Script Logo head and cab - Thanks Jack Larmet

Garnet Pro 200 - Thanks Lefty Luc

Garnet Pro 200 - Later Model

Garnet Pro 600 - Thanks Dom Polito

Garnet Pro Vocal

Garnet Pro 200 Vocal

Garnet Pro 200 Vocal - Thanks Nick

Garnet Pro 200 Vocal - Thanks Dom P

Pro Vocal

The amps in this section belong to Pierre

Garnet Pro 600  - Pierre

1966 Pro 190 Vocal

Garnet Pro 600 with Tub

Garnet Pro 190 Reverb

Garnet Pro PA190R

Garnet Pro 200 Vocal