The Herzog

Gordie Johnson is famous for his use of the Herzog. With Grady he played it in to a 300 watt Ampeg SVT.

Mid 70's Herzog from Bob - Note the tone control

Personal 2003 Randy Bachman Herzog RI - NOS Parts

Vintage Garnet Herzogs are tough to find and often need some work. The top left is one of the NOS Reissue Herzogs hand built by Gar Gillies himself. I love the tones it creates, rich sustain, creamy distortion to insane galactic overdrive. This unit is like nothing I have ever played. One time I was playing with my band, I took a peek behind and the poor 6V6 was glowing like Darth Vaders Lightsaber! If you have a chance to obtain one, do so! The re issues are copies of the original first Herzogs ever built.

Hohner Herzog made for US market - Thanks Brian

Original 70's and Reissue Herzog - Thx Dom