Other Garnet Amplifiers

The Charlie Hansen - Jack Larmet, thanks for sending this in.

Charlie Hansen was in a band called 005 in Winnipeg 1965-? He got this made for him in 65/66 basically a pro/attack/stinger.

Charlie Hansen with his amp

Love the old Script logo!

Click on the above link to read  history on Charlies band the 005

Charlie with some awesome Garnet gear!

Garnet Deputy Amplifier

Pre-master volume Garnet Deputy G100B

Garnet Deputy I

Built in the mid 70's. 2-EL34's for power and as usual, all hand built. 

50W pure tube delight. Move over British Amps..

Deputy Posse - Thanks Brian

Garnet Deputy II Chassis & Sessionman 2x12 Combo - Thanks Jack Larnet

ABOVE: Garnet Deptuy I - panel on and off (and a ported Deputy 2x12 cab)

BELOW: Garnet Deputy Combo - 1x15 (Had one of these, they rip good)

Thx for these pics Pierre

Garnet Enforcer Ampifier

Garnet Enforcer 90 Watt 1x12

Garnet Banshee Amplifier

Garnet Mohawk Amplifier

1 of 5 Garnet Mohawks - 1x12 50's Celestion speaker.

Control Panel - Simple

The Garnet Brute Force - Tube Overdrive

The Brute Force - 3 Stage OD

A killer preamp that produces great tube tone.

Control Panel


Garnet Lil' Rock Amplifier

Lil Rock - Early 3 Serial Number

This is a Garnet Little Rock 30 Watt Monster.  This little terror (Amp) sounds amazing! Not quite enough punch for Bass, but plenty of rip snortin' tone for guitar at a nice volume.  Sounds great through a 2x12 or 4x12 cabinet. The little amp with an attitude! Garnet Amplifiers rule.

Garnet Lil' Rock 45S B - Thanks Johnny Mocker

Johnny commented it sounds like a Peavey Bandit

Garnet Guillotine - Tube Pre-Amp Overdrive

Garnet Whirly Gig Effect

Whirly Gig - Leslie Speaker Simulation

Garnet Gnome Amplifier

Gnome in Showbiz White

This amp. is in perfect condition and is a Champ Killer! Many ran 6v6's, this one has 6l6's.

Another Gnome in Showbiz White

Garnet Jammer Amplifier

Garnet Jammer

Garnet Jammer, this is a great all around amp. Plenty of grind to keep up in all but the most demanding situations. Packs more punch for its size than almost any competitor. 50W Combo.

Garnet Jammer - Thanks Dom Polito

Another Jammer

Garnet Jammer 1x12

Garnet Jammer - Thanks Jack Larmet!

Footswitch to Jacks Jammer

Garnet Swinger Amplifier

Early Swinger - Thanks Tim

70's Hohner Swinger and 4x10

Garnet Celebrity Amplifier

1974 Garnet Celebrity 1x12 - Thanks Johnny Mocker 

Jonny comments : "A 6v6 and 12ax7.  I guess about 20 watts. Great little amp.  Replaced the stock speaker with a Tone Tubby.  Won't clean up like a Fender, but lives around 11 or 12 oclock on the volume.  Amp often on the small stages in town.  Generally put it on top of my Garnet Lil' Rock combo for a mini stack, but only this one is plugged in.  The two are not even close in tone.

Garnet Ripper Amplifier

Garnet Ripper 1 of 6 - 1x10

All tube power 20-25W . It is sweet and easily driven to distortion or playable clean all the way up. As all Garnets, sweet! 

Garnet Tripper Amplifier

Business end of a Garnet Tripper PA - Thx Dom

Garnet Tripper Sound Console

Misc Garnet Amplifiers & Reverbs

Mid 70's Garnet Mini Bass 1x12

This is a potent amplifier and can hold it's own. These Amps ran a special design 12" speaker that was made especially for this unit.

Garnet 15R (Top) 

Garnet Reverb (Below)

Pan Duo-Matic & Enforcer 1x12

Garnet Mach - 5

Uber old Garnet Script logo something... anyone know? - Thx Jack Larmet

Garnet Mini Bass - Pierre

Garnet PA Speakers - 12" Speakers

Unidentifed Garnet Amp and some friends - Thanks Paige

Not common Garnet Odyssey Hohner and cab - Thanks Jack Larmet

Garnet Mini Bass - Pierre

Garnet PA-150

Garnet PA Speakers

Mammoth Garnet 2x12 Tub! Would love to hear this thing.

Pierre's Collection

Garnet Solid State Amplifiers

Garnet 45S R - Thanks Sean

Garnet Stencil Amplifiers

Rare Garnet "Flexion Bass" K45B

Thx for sending these in Cory

Business End

Garnet "Steves" Combo

Garnet "Mann" Reverb - Pierre

Garnet "Russel" 40w Head

Garnet "Mann" PA Unit Pierre

Garnet "Lero" Combo